A Profile of the Graduate at Graduation


The Eighth Grade Graduate:

  • Places Christ at the forefront of their lives, turning to Him for guidance and support as they mature and grow.
  • Develops a personal relationship with Christ through the practice of prayer and worship.
  • Displays significant knowledge of Catholic beliefs and doctrine.

Academic Achievement

The Eighth Grade Graduate:

  • Possesses academic and study skills to advance successfully toward future academic endeavors.
  • Demonstrates a vast understanding of academic skills set forth in accordance with the Diocesan, Ohio and National Standards.
  • Displays an ability to acquire information independently as well as apply knowledge to new situations.
  • Possesses understanding and comfort with the use of 21st technologies for learning and communication

Service to Others

The Eighth Grade Graduate:

  • Answers the call to be stewards of God through service to mankind.
  • Empathizes with those less fortunate and serve them with compassion.

Christian Leadership

The Eighth Grade Graduate:

  • Applies knowledge and understanding of scripture in response to current social issues.
  • Models mature behavior and respect to those around them through living example.
  • Lives with virtues, filling the world with faith, hope, and charity in all that they do.

Responsible Citizenship

The Eighth Grade Graduate:

  • Recognizes responsibility to become productive members of society, showing a spirit of empathy and compassion.
  • Exhibits a positive self-image through all avenues of social development.
  • Acts with proper judgment and encourage others to live the way of Christ through action and deed.